Missed my journal


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It’s been almost a month since I last had my journal entry. Finally another entry for today.

Anyway, from school, last week, I did my class presentation report on Mozilla.org as one of the many open source project. I was also able to submit my final feasibility studies for a fictional business using SWOT Analysis and Porter’s 5 forces.

Back to base, it sometimes get me out of my cool when my wife talks like she’s the boss in the house. She though has been trying her best to submit to me, but most often as yet, still forget, she acting like one, that I have to remind her that as a husband, I am always in-charge of the wheel and that it’s never hers. She is a co-pilot but not the captain. I though appreciate that we learned to make our individual adjustments, so we can be successful in rearing our kids to be the person they ought to be.

I took the kids to the beach about 5:30pm til 6pm, to unwind and through stones towards the shore and at some spot, fishes would jump out of the water.

In regards to my projects, they seemed to have slowed down a bit.

That’ll be all for now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add another entry tomorrow.


7th day of the year



It’s 2012. I’m thankful for the blessings God has given and has done for me for the past year 2011. It’s so amazing, how things that happen in life can have twists and turns which taught us in incomprehensible way, about his goodness irregardless of circumstance we have been in. Truly, His Words are alive and his promises will come to pass irrevocably.

We are currently undergoing a stage where the egocentricity of my kids at their stage now, 3 and a half months girl hitting my boy when he grabs her toys and the one and 8 months by biting her older sister when he’s provoked when he’s pushed back or hit. Truly, my patience is always being tested but definitely my love for them will be superior.

Just want to catch up for now. Till next blog.

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Happy New Year 2012!

It’s Sunday, the first day of the year 2012. I love the message I heard in Church today regarding the affirmation of Life after our physical death, and God’s being the God of the living. I’ll paste in the passage/text another time.

Be it known that I am not elaborating much on the subject but will write our points that I recall as I go through writing out my first journal for the year. Again, I am writing things out now, for the purpose of working on my writing skill, specially, with objective being able to construct what I have in mind, into writing, in an organized and clear manner. I may not have that as of this writing but is one of my motivation.

I’m a bit sleepy already.

Yesterday, was our first ever Highschool Reunion. It was a blast. Last night I was working on a client’s site fixing on-page seo issues and other offpage stuffs.

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Another recollection of missed days

I’m a bit forgetful these days and believe that it would be this journaling that would help me exercise and improve my memory and even have something to look back that I can read through again that would help me remember, how I think, how i was, where I been and be able to see patterns of how to improve oneself from looking back at how I have spent my time and to see what to adjust and how to spend my days going forward.

Saturday – had a bit of a discussion with wife and I stayed up til 5am, slept for the next 3 and half hours just before breakfast before heading to church.

Sunday – our church growing together 7 Sunday series’ culmination. After the service, had fellowship lunch at the Ebenezer Convention Center. I had to bring my son home as he was being unmanageable, running here and there and my wife’s getting dizzy. I somehow manage to get him to sleep at noon after a bottle of milk and I was able to go back to the ECC. Interacted a bit with Allan Beira, a pianist and Jun Sotillo, a pastor, keyboardist and a choral lead and conductor. He had his students of about 10 members performed about 5 soons during the sunday services earlier in the morning singing acapella blending.

Monday – We stayed home. The usual routine of baby sitting my kids and working in my home office the whole day.

Tuesday – I had a new client, a Jewish businessman Jacob and his filipina virtual assistant Pamela. Today is also my regular schedule of attending a bible study group on old and new testament surveys and is the last meeting we would have for the year 2011. We discussed about a side topic from our sequential study series and this time on Christmas (the real story). My highschool batchmates will be having a meeting for our first reunion on December 30 but this time I won’t be able to attend the meeting as the schedule is e conflicting with my bible study meeting.

Just to write a short thing of what we took, that Christmas, if we (Christians), don’t define, stand, and study as well as understand the true essense of it, somebody else will define it which will mislead or may have already misled most of us. People now a days seems to have taken for granted the true meaning of Christmas. Most people picture out Santa Clause in his red suite with bags of gifts, while other think of it as a mere holiday, time to spend with family, vacation but don’t remember about the child that was born in the manger some 2000 years ago. Not everyone remembers and understand that He is the King, the word that was in the beginning who became flesh, born to be the ultimate lamb sacrifice, once and for all, to be slain on the Cross for the purpose of redeeming and reuniting us with Him.

I learned a lot of things I never viewed and understood this way before but I praise Him for how he has led me to understand it way better now. I am still a work in progress and I praise God for giving me this life.

Wednesday – In the afternoon, about 5pm, we went to town to buy some things including stuffs for our daughter’s Christmas party, took my family around downtime and enjoyed the newly opened Chowking outlet beside the airport.

Thursday – The Tumapon’s was bringing a computer to have it repaired by me as it no longer to turn on. I had been doing this type of fixing but told them I no longer have time to tinker stuffs about computer repair, that I informed them I’m going to have another friend I just came to be friend with, the father of my daughter’s classmate, that it will be this guy that would take care of the unit. Took the system unit to him to have it repaired.

Friday – A friend (Francis Labang) came by and I’m happy he wanted to learn further about HTML and Web Development and I’m glad I can share some things that can be useful for him. I think I started writing this at 11:30pm or so and it’s 12:46am on a

The Driver in a day


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Time check 9:41pm on a Saturday evening.

Last Thursday, I was about to drive my wife to her class when Dr. Cabral came by at around 8am requesting to borrow the car and drive him and his wife to complete a number of transaction they need to do in the city before leaving Zambo for Manila. They actually just left 1pm this afternoon.

To make the long story short, I drove them. First stop was Airport for the permit request from the quarantine dept for their 2 dogs, served by a guy and the last name I remember is “Sampang” who happens to be the husband of his niece somewhere in his family tree. Second stop was at Bolahan drive to pick up grand daughter Cristabel, third was at the Astoria hotel in Sucabon for the plane tickets, fourth to ZDH for lunch, fifth to Asiatic in Pilar Street for some boxes, then seventh to City Hall, then as we were driving through San Jose, stopped by after Pag-ibig fund for photocopying of documents, then again to Bolahan drive to pick up another grand daughter who just graduated as a nurse, dropped Dr Ben at chowking to meet with Ivan who is taking care of selling their car, then the eleventh stop was again to ZDH as the nursing graduate was assisted for a volunteer work. We again went to Astoria for reprinting of the airline tickets due to the name issues of Cristabel versus her ID name, and while waiting Mrs Cabral went to PLDT to disconnect a telephone service and good thing, I thought of checking her as she fell asleep while on queue for her sequence number to be called which happened to have had four numbers called that has gone past her. Good thing the service counter considered the reason. After this, we went back to Asiatic to pick up the boxes and other grand daughter decided to go ahead. Next stop was to pick up Dr. Cabral from Chowking and at this time it was about 4:30pm. We went to our last stop, to Globe Telecom in San Jose to cut their DSL service and transferred to another city their moving to, which took another hour of waiting. On the way home, and maybe due to the accumulated stress, while going past through San Jose Gusu, there was a man and lady that was crossing and in a not so usual manner, walking towards the car and another thing was that that part of the road was not well lit, Dr Ben bursted to shouting at them. The wife was laughing and anxiously concerned that the incident could’ve shocked me but I responded by saying “I’m used to the way the locals behave when crossing the road who seem to be acting as though they own it. I was finally got home almost 6pm. It was a long day and many things got accomplished and taken cared, by them.

I don’t remember much for Friday yet. Will try to write out as I remember some more for yesterday.

Today, Saturday, about 2pm, Gilbert Bacabac visited me so we can check a friend Yodel working on our wireless device. We also did check back home some VPN systems to try out (HSS). I also had him check my lappy since I was selling it and his considering it for music editing. Had a bit of discussion with my wife.

Well, this should be it for today. It’s already 10:37pm glimpsing to my systems clock on the upper right. By the way, i’m on my third day using my Ubuntu wubi installation in preparation to the final migration. I’m already loving it over Windows 7. I’ve set it with Windows 7 but I already am using Ubuntu 11.10 most of the time. I have learned to setup my work tools for web dev/design and SEO tools. Sooner or later, I’ll be a full time Linux user.

Working at past midnight

It’s 12:56AM at the time I started to resume writing this entry in keeping with my effort to journaling or blogging more.

I came from a bible study meeting that I had been attending now for a few months now without missing much of the meetings which is just about 6-7km away. This is the very first time in the more than 30 years of my existense that I can read the bible for hours which is opposite to how I’m only able to ready a few verses and get sleepy or feel like sleeping before. I’ve never read the bible following a storyline as I am doing now. It’s like reading the bible for the first time. Lots of eureka moments.

Anyway, about 6pm earlier, a visitor by the name of Yudel, the father of my daughter’s classmate in preschool visited us at home regarding a network device I had him assist me fix which will also be used by a friend Gilbert. Yudel was with her wife daughter and son who is like about 3 months old.

Today, as usual in like about a month now, since had a class schedule in the morning, I am left with our two kids and I am not able to do much work when I’m baby sitting. When I try to sit infront of my computer on another room which serves as my home office for doing my freelancing works, my son keeps on pressing keys on the keyboard or will find his way to messing around with things on my table or or playing with anything in my room which of course would keep me from doing what I am ought to do.

With that, I will try to do some work for a bit after writing this up. Hmm.. its about 1:16am now…. well.. let me try to do some work now. Hopefully, within the day, I would have a follow up journal again.

Parenthood challenge


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It’s 1:36pm on a Sunday afternoon. Parenting is very challenging specially for a young couple as us raising up 2 kids and another on the way, coming out in April or May. We were not able to attend church service today for some reasons. It is definitely stress relieving to watch healthy though very active children that sometimes they are too difficult to handle.

We decided to to stay home for now, to take care of the laundry and to keep the children from disturbing others in church or keep us from concentrating on hearing what the preacher would be preaching that in turn will make us anyway think, “let’s head home now” when the kids voices gets unmanageable. While my wife was doing the laundry, I had to baby sit my kids and get them to watch videos these alternately “How to train your dragon”, “Phonetics”, “Barbie movies” so long as they keep their attention to it.

Since I work at home, freelancing on SEO and WordPress sites management and development, when I’m baby sitting, I can barely do work and it’s just hard to find baby sitters. Most of the house helpers doesn’t like babysitting task as part of the job so until I don’t have the replacement baby sitter, I and my wife had to do it alternately.

Anyway, it was almost a full week that I haven’t updated this journal.

Last Wednesday, I met with my highschool classmates at the Lantaka Hotel Restaurant for the planning of our High School Reunion. I was with Jihan El (Lawyer), Al(Event Specialist) and Jehana (OB – Physician). Its my first time to be with my long lost classmates and schoolmates after 17 years. They came out to be more accomplished than I am now. They have made their decision and has kept their path and vocation and appears to love what they do. I can’t help but compare myself with how they’re all singles and they looked financially accomplished. My heart and mind though is now in process of fully relying upon the Lord for provision and direction with what He really wants me to do for the glory of His Kingdom. I fail almost all the time, but I’m never giving up in always entrusting my life and my family’s future in Him.

I’d try to work for my other client for now on Development and SEO, so I’ll post further about what I can remember from last week. 1:59pm now and signing off.

Ed’s birtday



Today is our neighbor Edgar Manantan’s birthday.

I don’t have any new contract yet from that Online Service marketplace where I would get some freelance jobs to do.
In the morning, we had the kids in our room, setup the laptop in there for viewing video’s (Phonics) and movie watching. My wife and I were with the kids the whole morning.

Brought my daughter for school at 1pm. Went back home and my wife (who’s about 4 months pregnant this time to our third baby) and son is having their afternoon sleep while I started exploring my client Dean’s site for SEO. I picked up my daughter at 4pm and we had a short bonding time at the beach, watching the waters and other people that were there too. We got back home about 4:45pm. When we reached home, my son is already awake and had to get them attended to. I had the kids sit and play a computer game (Angry Bird). I’m not quite in condition to write out my mind in a more comprehensive way so I’ll pause for now as I’m already sleepy.

Catch you (journal) again, hopefully I can write some more later the next day.

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Recalling the past week

I remember things from last week that I was not able to include in my journal, about past 8am on a Wednesday morning on November 30, Dr. Cabral came to our apartment in the EBCS Campus and ask for assistance. He had a flat tire and the tire is unrepairable as threads is already exposed, and he need to pick up a new exterior that’s in Mercedes that will need to be installed on a spare flat tired rim (is it even called a rim? maybe).

Let me just account a few more details from that day.

I drove them to Mercedes, picked up the brand new tire exterior, brought to the vulcanizing shop to have it installed on a spare tire and left it there for a bit and we drove to ZDH Canteen to have a little snack as Mrs. Cabral was accounting that they did not had heavy breakfast.

While on the table, we shared about some issues they have had during their stay within the campus. We had nice exchange of sharing more of family stuffs. I also ask madam if she knows anyone from Chicago that can be of help should God wills for us to go there for further education. She said, she has a sister and she related some possibilities while she wants to contact her first and make the proper introduction.

After a little chat in there, picked up the installed exterior to the wheel frame then we headed to Putik and dropped them there. Dr Cabral asked that I pass by the vulcanizing shop and have them replace the tire. I then head home.

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