Today is our neighbor Edgar Manantan’s birthday.

I don’t have any new contract yet from that Online Service marketplace where I would get some freelance jobs to do.
In the morning, we had the kids in our room, setup the laptop in there for viewing video’s (Phonics) and movie watching. My wife and I were with the kids the whole morning.

Brought my daughter for school at 1pm. Went back home and my wife (who’s about 4 months pregnant this time to our third baby) and son is having their afternoon sleep while I started exploring my client Dean’s site for SEO. I picked up my daughter at 4pm and we had a short bonding time at the beach, watching the waters and other people that were there too. We got back home about 4:45pm. When we reached home, my son is already awake and had to get them attended to. I had the kids sit and play a computer game (Angry Bird). I’m not quite in condition to write out my mind in a more comprehensive way so I’ll pause for now as I’m already sleepy.

Catch you (journal) again, hopefully I can write some more later the next day.

Start: 10:53pm
End: 11:08pm