I remember things from last week that I was not able to include in my journal, about past 8am on a Wednesday morning on November 30, Dr. Cabral came to our apartment in the EBCS Campus and ask for assistance. He had a flat tire and the tire is unrepairable as threads is already exposed, and he need to pick up a new exterior that’s in Mercedes that will need to be installed on a spare flat tired rim (is it even called a rim? maybe).

Let me just account a few more details from that day.

I drove them to Mercedes, picked up the brand new tire exterior, brought to the vulcanizing shop to have it installed on a spare tire and left it there for a bit and we drove to ZDH Canteen to have a little snack as Mrs. Cabral was accounting that they did not had heavy breakfast.

While on the table, we shared about some issues they have had during their stay within the campus. We had nice exchange of sharing more of family stuffs. I also ask madam if she knows anyone from Chicago that can be of help should God wills for us to go there for further education. She said, she has a sister and she related some possibilities while she wants to contact her first and make the proper introduction.

After a little chat in there, picked up the installed exterior to the wheel frame then we headed to Putik and dropped them there. Dr Cabral asked that I pass by the vulcanizing shop and have them replace the tire. I then head home.

Start: 10:28pm
End: 10:51pm
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