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It’s 1:36pm on a Sunday afternoon. Parenting is very challenging specially for a young couple as us raising up 2 kids and another on the way, coming out in April or May. We were not able to attend church service today for some reasons. It is definitely stress relieving to watch healthy though very active children that sometimes they are too difficult to handle.

We decided to to stay home for now, to take care of the laundry and to keep the children from disturbing others in church or keep us from concentrating on hearing what the preacher would be preaching that in turn will make us anyway think, “let’s head home now” when the kids voices gets unmanageable. While my wife was doing the laundry, I had to baby sit my kids and get them to watch videos these alternately “How to train your dragon”, “Phonetics”, “Barbie movies” so long as they keep their attention to it.

Since I work at home, freelancing on SEO and WordPress sites management and development, when I’m baby sitting, I can barely do work and it’s just hard to find baby sitters. Most of the house helpers doesn’t like babysitting task as part of the job so until I don’t have the replacement baby sitter, I and my wife had to do it alternately.

Anyway, it was almost a full week that I haven’t updated this journal.

Last Wednesday, I met with my highschool classmates at the Lantaka Hotel Restaurant for the planning of our High School Reunion. I was with Jihan El (Lawyer), Al(Event Specialist) and Jehana (OB – Physician). Its my first time to be with my long lost classmates and schoolmates after 17 years. They came out to be more accomplished than I am now. They have made their decision and has kept their path and vocation and appears to love what they do. I can’t help but compare myself with how they’re all singles and they looked financially accomplished. My heart and mind though is now in process of fully relying upon the Lord for provision and direction with what He really wants me to do for the glory of His Kingdom. I fail almost all the time, but I’m never giving up in always entrusting my life and my family’s future in Him.

I’d try to work for my other client for now on Development and SEO, so I’ll post further about what I can remember from last week. 1:59pm now and signing off.