It’s 12:56AM at the time I started to resume writing this entry in keeping with my effort to journaling or blogging more.

I came from a bible study meeting that I had been attending now for a few months now without missing much of the meetings which is just about 6-7km away. This is the very first time in the more than 30 years of my existense that I can read the bible for hours which is opposite to how I’m only able to ready a few verses and get sleepy or feel like sleeping before. I’ve never read the bible following a storyline as I am doing now. It’s like reading the bible for the first time. Lots of eureka moments.

Anyway, about 6pm earlier, a visitor by the name of Yudel, the father of my daughter’s classmate in preschool visited us at home regarding a network device I had him assist me fix which will also be used by a friend Gilbert. Yudel was with her wife daughter and son who is like about 3 months old.

Today, as usual in like about a month now, since had a class schedule in the morning, I am left with our two kids and I am not able to do much work when I’m baby sitting. When I try to sit infront of my computer on another room which serves as my home office for doing my freelancing works, my son keeps on pressing keys on the keyboard or will find his way to messing around with things on my table or or playing with anything in my room which of course would keep me from doing what I am ought to do.

With that, I will try to do some work for a bit after writing this up. Hmm.. its about 1:16am now…. well.. let me try to do some work now. Hopefully, within the day, I would have a follow up journal again.