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Time check 9:41pm on a Saturday evening.

Last Thursday, I was about to drive my wife to her class when Dr. Cabral came by at around 8am requesting to borrow the car and drive him and his wife to complete a number of transaction they need to do in the city before leaving Zambo for Manila. They actually just left 1pm this afternoon.

To make the long story short, I drove them. First stop was Airport for the permit request from the quarantine dept for their 2 dogs, served by a guy and the last name I remember is “Sampang” who happens to be the husband of his niece somewhere in his family tree. Second stop was at Bolahan drive to pick up grand daughter Cristabel, third was at the Astoria hotel in Sucabon for the plane tickets, fourth to ZDH for lunch, fifth to Asiatic in Pilar Street for some boxes, then seventh to City Hall, then as we were driving through San Jose, stopped by after Pag-ibig fund for photocopying of documents, then again to Bolahan drive to pick up another grand daughter who just graduated as a nurse, dropped Dr Ben at chowking to meet with Ivan who is taking care of selling their car, then the eleventh stop was again to ZDH as the nursing graduate was assisted for a volunteer work. We again went to Astoria for reprinting of the airline tickets due to the name issues of Cristabel versus her ID name, and while waiting Mrs Cabral went to PLDT to disconnect a telephone service and good thing, I thought of checking her as she fell asleep while on queue for her sequence number to be called which happened to have had four numbers called that has gone past her. Good thing the service counter considered the reason. After this, we went back to Asiatic to pick up the boxes and other grand daughter decided to go ahead. Next stop was to pick up Dr. Cabral from Chowking and at this time it was about 4:30pm. We went to our last stop, to Globe Telecom in San Jose to cut their DSL service and transferred to another city their moving to, which took another hour of waiting. On the way home, and maybe due to the accumulated stress, while going past through San Jose Gusu, there was a man and lady that was crossing and in a not so usual manner, walking towards the car and another thing was that that part of the road was not well lit, Dr Ben bursted to shouting at them. The wife was laughing and anxiously concerned that the incident could’ve shocked me but I responded by saying “I’m used to the way the locals behave when crossing the road who seem to be acting as though they own it. I was finally got home almost 6pm. It was a long day and many things got accomplished and taken cared, by them.

I don’t remember much for Friday yet. Will try to write out as I remember some more for yesterday.

Today, Saturday, about 2pm, Gilbert Bacabac visited me so we can check a friend Yodel working on our wireless device. We also did check back home some VPN systems to try out (HSS). I also had him check my lappy since I was selling it and his considering it for music editing. Had a bit of discussion with my wife.

Well, this should be it for today. It’s already 10:37pm glimpsing to my systems clock on the upper right. By the way, i’m on my third day using my Ubuntu wubi installation in preparation to the final migration. I’m already loving it over Windows 7. I’ve set it with Windows 7 but I already am using Ubuntu 11.10 most of the time. I have learned to setup my work tools for web dev/design and SEO tools. Sooner or later, I’ll be a full time Linux user.