I’m a bit forgetful these days and believe that it would be this journaling that would help me exercise and improve my memory and even have something to look back that I can read through again that would help me remember, how I think, how i was, where I been and be able to see patterns of how to improve oneself from looking back at how I have spent my time and to see what to adjust and how to spend my days going forward.

Saturday – had a bit of a discussion with wife and I stayed up til 5am, slept for the next 3 and half hours just before breakfast before heading to church.

Sunday – our church growing together 7 Sunday series’ culmination. After the service, had fellowship lunch at the Ebenezer Convention Center. I had to bring my son home as he was being unmanageable, running here and there and my wife’s getting dizzy. I somehow manage to get him to sleep at noon after a bottle of milk and I was able to go back to the ECC. Interacted a bit with Allan Beira, a pianist and Jun Sotillo, a pastor, keyboardist and a choral lead and conductor. He had his students of about 10 members performed about 5 soons during the sunday services earlier in the morning singing acapella blending.

Monday – We stayed home. The usual routine of baby sitting my kids and working in my home office the whole day.

Tuesday – I had a new client, a Jewish businessman Jacob and his filipina virtual assistant Pamela. Today is also my regular schedule of attending a bible study group on old and new testament surveys and is the last meeting we would have for the year 2011. We discussed about a side topic from our sequential study series and this time on Christmas (the real story). My highschool batchmates will be having a meeting for our first reunion on December 30 but this time I won’t be able to attend the meeting as the schedule is e conflicting with my bible study meeting.

Just to write a short thing of what we took, that Christmas, if we (Christians), don’t define, stand, and study as well as understand the true essense of it, somebody else will define it which will mislead or may have already misled most of us. People now a days seems to have taken for granted the true meaning of Christmas. Most people picture out Santa Clause in his red suite with bags of gifts, while other think of it as a mere holiday, time to spend with family, vacation but don’t remember about the child that was born in the manger some 2000 years ago. Not everyone remembers and understand that He is the King, the word that was in the beginning who became flesh, born to be the ultimate lamb sacrifice, once and for all, to be slain on the Cross for the purpose of redeeming and reuniting us with Him.

I learned a lot of things I never viewed and understood this way before but I praise Him for how he has led me to understand it way better now. I am still a work in progress and I praise God for giving me this life.

Wednesday – In the afternoon, about 5pm, we went to town to buy some things including stuffs for our daughter’s Christmas party, took my family around downtime and enjoyed the newly opened Chowking outlet beside the airport.

Thursday – The Tumapon’s was bringing a computer to have it repaired by me as it no longer to turn on. I had been doing this type of fixing but told them I no longer have time to tinker stuffs about computer repair, that I informed them I’m going to have another friend I just came to be friend with, the father of my daughter’s classmate, that it will be this guy that would take care of the unit. Took the system unit to him to have it repaired.

Friday – A friend (Francis Labang) came by and I’m happy he wanted to learn further about HTML and Web Development and I’m glad I can share some things that can be useful for him. I think I started writing this at 11:30pm or so and it’s 12:46am on a