It’s Sunday, the first day of the year 2012. I love the message I heard in Church today regarding the affirmation of Life after our physical death, and God’s being the God of the living. I’ll paste in the passage/text another time.

Be it known that I am not elaborating much on the subject but will write our points that I recall as I go through writing out my first journal for the year. Again, I am writing things out now, for the purpose of working on my writing skill, specially, with objective being able to construct what I have in mind, into writing, in an organized and clear manner. I may not have that as of this writing but is one of my motivation.

I’m a bit sleepy already.

Yesterday, was our first ever Highschool Reunion. It was a blast. Last night I was working on a client’s site fixing on-page seo issues and other offpage stuffs.

Start: 10:30pm. End: 11:27