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It’s been almost a month since I last had my journal entry. Finally another entry for today.

Anyway, from school, last week, I did my class presentation report on Mozilla.org as one of the many open source project. I was also able to submit my final feasibility studies for a fictional business using SWOT Analysis and Porter’s 5 forces.

Back to base, it sometimes get me out of my cool when my wife talks like she’s the boss in the house. She though has been trying her best to submit to me, but most often as yet, still forget, she acting like one, that I have to remind her that as a husband, I am always in-charge of the wheel and that it’s never hers. She is a co-pilot but not the captain. I though appreciate that we learned to make our individual adjustments, so we can be successful in rearing our kids to be the person they ought to be.

I took the kids to the beach about 5:30pm til 6pm, to unwind and through stones towards the shore and at some spot, fishes would jump out of the water.

In regards to my projects, they seemed to have slowed down a bit.

That’ll be all for now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add another entry tomorrow.