Hey! What’s Up! Keep Up!

Hi me! That’s my greeting since this blog is intended for my own personal use, but hey, if you’re reading this, you’re still welcome, but spare yourself from wasting your time. 🙂

Anyhow, it’s been a week since I last posted my journal and a lot has already happened. I’ll be you (me), or you(my journal) when I’m still able to think straight. It’s currently 12:56AM on a Sunday morning as of writing this line.

Anyway, briefly, my wife attended a seminar at UZ from 8am – 4:00pm (started late (10am) as per my wife and ended 5pm), so we decided to bring the kids to my parents place and I’ll have my car washed as well. It was relaxing anyhow or a bit of a getaway from the usual routine since our babysitter left, that I became a full time housedad/babysitter when my wife is in school.

I went with my father too at 2pm to 5pm to Lamisahan to check my father’s farm and my uncle to is staying there. He was having hypertension and he’s alone so my father and i asked him to come to my parents house so he can recover and rest without having to worry about preparing his own food, since his family will still be coming over in April which is quite some time yet from now.

Anyway, this day has been a great day. Praise the Lord God Almighty. 1:03am now, signing off.


4th Community Builder Series

Its about 12:15pm when started on this second journal for this day after I wrote the previous journal note. I was in my home office, my wife was washing some of our clothes and preparing lunch. My little is already asleep after I prepared their milk while my daughter is playing in the sala.

It’s Sunday, church day.

In the morning, I washed my little boys “uu”, and bathe him after, so with my dauther to prepare them for church while my wife was preparing our breakfast.

Went to church on a Shogun motorcycle.

As a note, my wife is about 4 months pregnant to our 3rd coming baby at this time.

Messenger: Atty. Giovanni Luistro on “Respect”.

Last sundays messenger was Bro. Vic Pabellon on “Humility”

I’ll have to pause a bit to help my wife hang dry those washed clothes. Time stamp: 12:27pm.

Amber’s Day Camp

This journal is for yesterday. Failed to write an update yesterday and so I’m keeping up now. We had quit a number of activities yesterday and a few details coming after.

About 7am, we were preparing for Amber’s Family Day Camp, and my wife has to report in her class at 8am as she is still pursuing her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, Early Childhood education major.

So had then in the car, drop my wife and daughter at the Fraser Hall classroom then my little boy and I went straight to his Grandparents, downtown to look after him and bonding while me, my wife and daughter attends the day camp in EBCS at 10am.

When I arrived at my parents house, my mother and Beth (my parent’s house help) is set to look after my son. I stayed a bit, played with my son, and a chit chat with my mother.

I am also realizing how the days went by that I a little way, I was reminiscing the days when I was little, not having to worry about anything and that now, I have with me my little boy and remembered, its my time to rear a new generation of individual. The power to shape their future and influence them in the way of the Lord though I know I’m still a work in progress.

Anyway, thoughts are not yet flowing smoothly at this point to write out my realization and experiences but anyhow, let me proceed with other day details that I recall at this point from yesterday.

So then, I left my little boy temporarily and headed back to EBCS, which is about 7km away. Arrived about 9:30am, and headed straight, to the Ebenezer Convention Center. While I was finding my way to park the car, I bumped into a Cemented boulder mold while I was turning right, good thing, not much sign of dent from that incident after a quick inspection. I maneuvered to the left part of the road and parked there instead.

Picked up my wife from her class with our daughter who was with her, brought our daughter to the ES School’s right wing for their sort of acquiantance with other nursery and kindergarten classes while me and my wife headed to the 2nd floor of ECC for the Parent’s sort of seminar occupying Room 1 & 2.

Amongst the speaker for that occasion was Rev. Fronda and Mrs. Tess Moore. Wasn’t able to hear from the first speaker since we came in about halfway his presentation, while the latter was taking about how to deal with Children’s difficult behavior and she shared a simplified ABC’s of it which is A – antecedence, B-behavior, C-Consequence. What ever behavior our child is manifesting is due to a reason that we have to uncover immediately and deal with accordingly.

During the lunch time, we went out to see our daughter. The are headed to the beach for lunch time, while we thought we would go to a cafeteria, but our daughter would not come with us yet and helf hands with her close classmate friend Juliana and Dave’s daugther Keziah. Let her do so, while a teacher is looking after them.

We met Kyril in the parking lot, invited him to lunch to a nearby cafeteria and gave his allowance for working for me on a SEO project. After lunch, headed to the beach to join with other parents with their kids.

People I interacted with at this point:
Yodel and his wife – about their family and their daughter juliana who is my daughter’s best mate.
Mrs Cha Salazar – about the fellowship
Mark Flores and wife – about school

I’m still working on the people skill that I know as far as myself is concern, I don’t have much. A work in progress.

After this event, we headed home from 3 to 5pm my wife and daughter took a nap while I was back in the computer working on a plugin that i need to behave a certain way as per my client’s request.

Anway, after this, I decided to visit a long time friend who came back to town who currently lays at the St. Peter’s chapel in Divisoria.

Before leaving home, we had visitors, Anne Lorenzo and boyfriend Leo Reyes (son of Bash Reyes), Joy Bautista. They came as an alibi from the campus guard, while purpose being is to have driving lesson.

After meeting up with them for a few minutes, we decided to bring my wife to my parents where my little boy is at, and I headed straight to Divisoria.

People I interacted with at St. Peter’s Chapel.
Rex T ,Rachelyn T, Marjon, Mike Pacarat, Frank Labang, Buddy Alfaro, Jun Sotero, Robert Antonio, Mr and Mrs Hermes Hamoy, Mr and Mrs Jun & Helen Turco.

I headed there around 7pm and stayed until about 9:30pm. I talked to Rex and he shared some of his experiences, disappointments, victories and some future plans, I share mine as well.

Went back to my parents house, picked up my kids and wife then headed home.

It was an eventful day for me.

Beach time with Derek

I woke up first about 7am and my kids and wife are still asleep. I decided to prepare breakfast since my wife usually does this, yesterday, she slid in the bathroom while bathing our daughter as is due to that Derek attempted to get in the bathroom and in the anxiety of my boy putting his hands in the bowl thus the accident which cause my wife’s swollen toe, but still went to town to do some photocopying and book binding thus she was too tired to wake up early.

I waited for them with wake up and checked my emails. After breakfast, it appears that my little boy Derek has colds and his asthma triggered again. Since my wife still goes to school while she works as a work at home admin assistant, she brought with her our daughter in her morning class. I brought them two to school while with my little boy, went to the beach. We dipped from 8am til about 9am…. dried and dressed my little boy and we stayed in the car to continue to feel the sea breeze while I was reading 1 Kings 10 – 11. It was about 10:30am when we headed back to our apartment after my sons morning daily poof routine.

It was 12noon when my baby boy and I went out to pick up my wife and daughter in ECAC Chappel. We headed out to the gate to buy “Alaska”, passed by a cafeteria to buy viand since not having time to cook for lunch as planned.

Again, it another day that I cherished as every other days, having my wonderful family around me.

I’ll pause for now to pick up my daughter at school.

People I interacted with this day:

In the chappel: Ursus Villegas, Dave Ayog – about the vga, Dick Gonzales, Ronald Agutaya

STTB: 11/22/11 Solomon

From our Bible study class earlier, we were discussing about King Solomon, how constrasting he is compared to his father David. Today is Kyril’s second attendance to our meeting also. The highlighted texts were: Deut. 17:14-20 (King’s Guideline), which Solomon disobeyed on purpose for reason of personal gratification and wealth accumulation but which is way God has to put him down. 1 Kings 10, Deuteronomy 4:5, 1 Kings 11. Present were Mr & Mrs Rondael, Juvy & Judy (twin), Kyril, a deacon guy from TAEC, son in law of Brod. Pabellon, Kim (the lady who just attended today with Jew nephew and niece), and 4 other middled aged ladies which I have not yet memorized the names of.

Most of this things I’m seeing for the first time in my life, after being in the process of learning the historical perspective and context of bible narratives.

“We are not saved by genes, we are saved by grace”. The one thing that separates us Christians from other religions in the world is that Jesus, our messiah has already arrived, which present day Jews are not subjecting to. Only Jesus has resurrected from the grave and while none other have.

I’d like to note this for myself, that, I’m writing this down to see how my writing and thinking in the future will evolve and mature. 12:18am now of the following day. This is the second post I did today.

Keeping Up

Wow! It seems too hard to follow through my journalizing and building the blogger habit. However, its nice to note that today, I am able to pursue and to keep pressing on making this a regular part of my routine.

It’s about 11:38PM looking at my PCs clock at this point of writing.

Since we woke up today, we had internet connection outage, where seemingly, all PLDT subscribers on our city experienced the same. It was restored about 3PM when I tried catching up with a Webinar by Mike Filsaime on Quadratic Formula of Internet Marketing. It went from 3-5pm and seemed to be a replay already. I wanted to invest in this unfortunately, there’s not a ready fund to build the automated marketing business utilizing Franchise Method. I posted for sale my Acer 4736Z laptop at a 16k tag price in hopes that I can use the proceeds to online business investment which is valued at $1997 with a 30 day money back guarantee. I’ll see how this progress.

By the way, since our last helper Lyn left, yesterday(Monday), RV is helping us by looking after our kids while I and my wife is out to attend our respective classes (I’m on my second semester for my Master’s in Engineering Education) which on a Monday, goes from 5:30pm to 8:30pm and my wife from 4:30pm to 9pm. On a Tuesday, Therese would have a class by the same time in the afternoon til 9pm, while I will be on a Bible Study class from 7pm – 9pm.

Therese was upset yesterday afternoon as well as earlier this afternoon as we were expecting RV to be home at our place (MCA) before 6pm and he came 7pm yesterday and about past 6pm earlier. I personally, know I didn’t say anything to keep the pressure down on the young guy as he is doing us a favor.

I also got to talk to Gilbert in ZCAEC who is doing a leading and conducting the choir practices for Decembers’. We talked about his plan of pursuing the plan to build a website for the church and asking me for support where he needs one. He is eyeing on the seemingly junk piano that he plan to refurbish for his own use in exchange for the desired plan.

Last Sunday, Elder Vic Pabellon was our speaker at the church service in ECAC on the subject “Humility” on a theme “Love is not Proud” with a text in Philippians 2:1-11.

Second: Attempt to building the habit

I was awaken by Derek’s cry for milk at 4am. As i usually do in the morning, prepared the milk.  I however did not went back to sleep but recalled I have to build the habit of journalizing since I’ve missed journalising my day for about 5 days again. Still have to work this habit out to improving my writing.

Anyway, yesterday, I contacted Kyril T and  also had Danel B come on board to help me work on a client on-site optimization requirement.  I was baby sitting while they work.  Kyril came before 12nn and styled up til 5pm and Danel about 1:30pm and they stayed up till 4:30pm.

It’s now a week since our household helper Lynlyn has been with us for almost 4 months when she had to go home to attend to her sick daughter that may be due to missing her mother.

About yesterday afternoon, my wife’s grandmother called from their service center business and had me talk to ‘nong boy regarding a TV we had had them fix and was adviced that the circuit board needs replacement with a universal one costing us P 1,400 and P 300 service fee. Told them that we were going to call them back with our response as we are looking at discarding it and getting a new LED TV instead, though still a plan.

About 5:20am, my daughter Juliana was crying to take a pee assisted by my wife and after a while she was bugging me to go back to sleep while I am writing this up. So I will do so and continue with what ever I have to say a bit later.

Another wave to building a new habit of Journalizing

It’s about 2:44AM when I started to create this fresh journal of mine.  I woke up past 12 midnight to do some downloading of photography materials and tools as well as to work on a client website update (chs). Just so much going on my mind that I’d like to work on.

Anyhow, I’d like to add things I’d like to note from yesterday.

We started our day with Driving out to buy pan-de-sal and ‘pancit’ with my kiddos and wife in our first red mitsubishi lancer. Bought 3kl rice and some ice candy to spend our breakfast by the Ebenezer beach.  We met the family of Jonel, the family of my daughter amber’s classmate juliana along with his wife and 6 months old baby boy, that they happen to walk under the sun and spent a dip in the beach.

We came back home at about past 8am and watched “TRON”, a movie on my PC with my daughter who fell asleep on my lap and my son who fell asleep on the bed behind me with my wife whose watching the movie with me.  It was a very enjoyable moment that I usually enjoy when spending time with my family.  I thank God for giving me this chance to live a lifestyle working from the convenience of our home with yet a not so convenient in-streams but I know God is at work and in control.

Anyway, it was almost 12 noon that we finished watching the movie and had our lunch at home together.

I just enjoy though stressful it is to handle derek’s hyperactive but lovable personality and amber’s egocentricism. 😉

In the evening, we played with the kids, had devotional on “Kindness” which is the theme on Building a community the church in Ebenezer we are attending is currently running for the next 7 weeks.

My wife and I just fooled around with the kids playing till bedtime at 8:30pm and thus hours after, I woke up and my wife encourage me to do the work i have at home for my clients so we can take care and spend quality time with the kids during the majority time in the morning.

One thing I’d like to note for myself is I’m not editing this page’s content so as to see the improvement I would have at writing over time since I’m no fan of writing.  This time however, I would want to break that idea and start writing my day and my mind out to improve my writing skill.  I will be as spontaneous and as natural as possible so I can look back and see how I’ve improved and how I have handled things in my life.

Things to note since this is my first entry:

Just finished with 1st semester for my Engineering Education Master Class.  I also have been going through bible study every Tuesday.

It’s 3:15  when I finally got to this paragraph.  I’ve have to pause until my next entry, later at the end of the day.